ONP Transect 2016-  a seven day solo trip from Deer Park to Staircase in Olympic National Park.  Molly waked the first couple of hours with me before returning to the trail head as I dropped down to Three Forks to begin my climb up Cameron Creek to my first night below Grand Pass.  The second day was spent climbing up and over Cameron and Lost Passes before dropping down to Dose Meadows and continuing down the main fork of the Dosewallips to Deception Creek and my second camp. The third day was spent on trails previously traveled- down to Dose Forks and then up the West Fork of the Dosewallips to a camp just above Honeymoon Meadows at the junction with the LaCrosse Pass trail.  The next day saw me over Anderson Pass and then walk the delightful trail over to O'Niel Pass and then on to Marmot Lake where I ran into Mike Seegers and his friend Pete.  After climbing into LaCrosse basin we made camp at LaCrosse Lake where we saw a couple of bears the following morning. After parting ways at Upper Duckabush camp, I climbed up to the Home Sweet Home meadow where I spent night five. Day six was an easy one with a quick climb up to First Divide, a little walk on the Mt. Hooper way trail and then a short walk down to Nine Stream Camp and my last night in the backcountry. My last day involved the easy walk down the North Fork of the Skokomish River to Starcase where Mary retrieved me. A delightful trip!